Hey there, I'm Mayer!

I'm a college student majoring in Environmental Studies with concentrations in Wildlife Science and Resources Management/Pollution Prevention. I have a passion for environmental protection and conservation. My short-term goal is to pursue a career in Zoology/Animal Biology and some sort of education, but I'm open to the surprises that are to come!

In my spare time, I work on production and post-production audio for film and television. I'm currentIy writing a feature film and a filmmaking textbook for high school. I also play piano, guitar, drums, and percussion, and am a Guitar Center sales associate in the keyboards/pro audio department. I also dabble in YouTube-ing and blogging.

If you're here for the first time, feel free to check out my web series, my previous films, and my resume. Thanks for visiting!

If you're here to hire me for professional audio work for film and television, please head over here.